The Pearl

I assume because you are reading this that you have a mild interest in movies of some nature. Movies are without doubt a thread that can either entangle or unravel the emotions of those watching with absolute ease.

Alfred Hitchcock once said:

A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it

By today’s standards this would mean 5.99 for your online subscription and roughly 12 for whatever takeaway you and your significant have finally decided upon on that particular evening.

17.99 to stay in and watch a film with someone that’s probably yielded to your constant bombardment over how much they will definitely enjoy this film.

But what of it could be different? What if as a community we can watch these film simultaneously in the comfort of our own homes and immediately react amongst like minded souls across the globe?

With The Pearl, the aim is to create the much loved sensation of community that seems to be getting lost in this modern age of online streaming. To utilise the already globally recognised method of consumption and provide a platform in which all can enjoy. What if we all can experience a film without travelling exponentially long miles to do so as a party? A predetermined film on a predetermined date and time where reactions and opinions are instantly posted between all those taking part.

As this is still highly experimental and insanely audacious, the short-term goal is to just gauge interest and see what those interested have to say regarding the situation.

If this does tickle your fancy and would like to more, have questions/suggestions regarding the project or would like to show your support, please, email me at or follow the brand new Twitter page @ThePearlViewing and #JoinTheInitiative.


  1. Sounds interesting, there’s definitely potential. So it would be like a sort of book club, but for films? Would you be looking for interactions/ engagement during and throughout the movie or afterwards, in a sort of group discussion? Lots to unpack and explore, but I like the concept.

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    • That’s pretty much it yeah. There would be a hashtag for the event and everyone involved would jump in with comments throughout the film as well as post live reactions on Stardust. More or less create a feature length reaction to the experience

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