Collider Collision: The Schmoes Know How to Put on a Show

For anyone that hasn’t heard of Collider Video’s Movie Trivia Schmoedown, what are you doing!? But seriously, the Schmoedown features a number of famous faces and figures within Popular Culture competing against one another in a battle to determine who has the best movie trivia knowledge. Whether it’s in teams or singles competition, some of the most knowledgeable people working in the industry today put on a show worthy of the highest possible regard. Much like promotions such as WWE and UFC, the Movie Trivia Schmoedown incorporates exceptional skill and fascinating entertainment to create on the Internet’s more recognisable brands to date.

Collider Collision Part 1: (L-R) – Team Rotten Tomatoes vs Team Nerds Watch; Hector Navarro vs Jeremy Jahns

To emphasise this growing popularity, the Father of the Schmoedown, Kristian Harloff, put together a show worthy of pay-per-view status. With a grand total of 3 title defences and 2 number 1 contendership matches in the space of roughly 4 hours of footage, it cannot be understated how meticulous the level of preparation must have been when making a show such as this. 
What has had me so engrossed for the last 3 months has been the way in which Kristian and his fellow hosts hold this show together without ever seeming to be under pressure. It’s this apparent level of joy that goes in to the commentary, competitors and storytelling that has me counting the days down to the next showing. Don’t get me wrong, I can imagine the continual levels of stress that the team undergo on a daily basis must eat them alive. However fortunately for us as a viewer it does not translate to screen.

Collider Collision Part 2: (L-R) Jeff Sneider vs Kristian Harloff; Dan Murrel vs Mark Reilly vs John Rocha

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is a completely new competitive sport that fans such as myself can get behind in a massive way. Whether it’s testing your own knowledge of movies with the questions or interacting with the cast, crew and fans alike, the whole ethos of the production welcomes all in to its midst while teasing you with something we would all secretly give anything to have a chance at doing.

Overall, after watching last week’s Collider Collision it is clear that Collider Video have in their grasp that coveted Golden Egg laying Goose that will only serve to reap further glory for a long time to come. Whether you’re a fan of sports entertainment or just enjoy the occasional film, the Movie Trivia Schmoedown will take you on a journey you’ll wish you’d have started a very long time ago.

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