Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: Caddyshack

As an enormous fan of the irreverent comedy stylings of the likes of Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and all of those SNL alumni at the time, I can’t begin to explain my shock when I discovered a movie including a number of these figures had fallen well below my radar. That film as I’m sure you are aware is Caddyshack.

Released in 1980, Caddyshack isn’t an 80s film by any stretch of the imagination (probably because it would have been filmed in the late 70s.) It’s Brady Bunch fashion, wonderfully quaffed hairstyles and haphazard approach to monogamous relationship couldn’t scream 1970s if it tried. But don’t let that put you off, Caddyshack is a witty sports comedy that bathes in excess the longer it goes on. 

The plot, in brief, centres around an ambitious Golf Caddy, Danny, with aspirations of finishing his education to become a person of significant stature within his social circle. His attempts to befriend one of the clubs more prominent figures, Judge Smalls, lead him to a series of wild encounters that will mound his outlook on life for years to come.

Throughout the film there are a variety of new and interesting characters including Bill Murray’s Carl, Chevy Chase’s Ty and Rodney Dangerfield’s hilarious Al Czervik. Each actor brings their strengths to the table in their portrayal of their respective characters. Murray’s wit, Chase’s cynicism and Dangerfield’s delivery combine to create some of the most laugh out loud situations I’ve seen in years.

Special mentions must also be given to actors such as Ted Knight and Michael O’Keefe who play the “straight” characters in such a way that they are often mistaken for the abnormality in this wacky world.

I have to admit that the question of should I have watched Caddyshack sooner is potentially one of the hardest I’ve had to answer. On one hand, I can imagine entirely adoring this film as a youth, spending the years I have lost to really love and appreciate each individual element of the film. On the other hand, at this moment in time I believe I’ll appreciate the film for what it is, accept it’s flaws and look forward to future occurrences with it. 

Ultimately I think I should have watched Caddyshack sooner as it is a film my brother and I would have eaten up as mindless youngsters. Dangerfield’s comedy took me back to a time of continual laughter and enjoyment, an experience I’d gladly take at any opportunity.

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