Collectormania 24 – Beth Phoenix Interview

For those of you that may not be aware, I have recently returned from a wonderful time at Collectormania 24, an event that featured some of the most recognisable figures in Sport and Screen for 2 magical days. For more information on what happened please check out my recap here

In addition to attending, I had the pleasure to interview WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix to discuss the current state of Women’s Wrestling, her appreciation for the fans and the possibility of one more match?

At first the prospect of interviewing anyone at this event was considerably daunting, however to interview Beth Phoenix, a person of whom I believe to have had one of the greatest influences on the Women’s Revolution today, was immensely enjoyable. To say she was accommodating is an understatement. I couldn’t have asked to speak to a person with as much intelligence and experience as someone as truly beautiful as Beth.

Anyway, enough about what I have to say, lets get cracking with my interview WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix




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