Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: Million Dollar Baby

In a recent episode of Talking Stars, The Peaky Blinder herself, Kira of Film and TV 101 convinced me to watch the multi-Oscar winner film Million Dollar Baby. Her passion and enthusiasm to this film helped her effectively persuade me in to watching it for the very first time.

I had obviously been aware of Million Dollar Baby’s significance seeing as it had won the Best Picture Oscar as well as Director (Eastwood), Actress (Swank), and Supporting Actor (Freeman). This recognition clearly elevates the film to a status substantially greater than the majority of those released in the same year. However, it also brings an air of expectation. An expectation that such a pedestal is surely justifiable, right? 

Million Dollar Baby is the story of Maggie Fitzgerald, the 30-something year old Missouri girl looking to fight her way to global success. What forces its hand is the sheer weight Hilary Swank brings to her performance as the aforementioned Maggie. Her ability to portray innonce, devotion and unbridled passion for success provides a much needed credence. Her transition to championship worthy material is a long, and sometimes arduous, process. Consequently, the payoff for this film is an emphatic victory on almost every emotional scale. 

Not to be confused with your typical rags to riches movie, Million Dollar Baby is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that does not hold back in its offence and defence. In such a metaphorical battle, Swank throws some killer blows while Eastwood and Freeman stand firm, deflecting any potential for cliches.


Be sure to check out Kira’s upcoming “Play to the Whistle” blogathon coming this June. If interested in taking part, please make yourself known to her either through her WordPress page at, or via her Twitter @FilmandTV101

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