Questions/Guests Required – Podcast

Those of you out there that have been fortunate enough to speak with me will probably be aware of my desire to get a podcast of some form up and running sooner rather later. It’s taken a long time and a real test of friendship between those of us planning to undertake this venture, however, finally, I believe we have hit the Well buried deep below the barren land before us. But there’s a catch.

What we have planned is a very interactive podcast, one in which you as a listener will determine what is discussed on a weekly basis. In addition to this, as part of the weekly recording, we would like to include 2 guests just so that it doesn’t have to be our dreary Black Country accents invading your personal space the entire time. 

The premise is still under the cover at the moment, however what I can say is that we are looking for debatable questions regarding any kind of topic raised within popular culture both past and present. This can be politically motivated such as: Should Mutants attend the same schools as Non-Mutated Humans? Movie specific questions like: Did Rocky deserve the rematch he was given in Rocky II? Or something completely bonkers like: Are Comic Book orphanages feeding grounds for Superhero radicalisation? 

The questions are completely up to you. Please, let us know what you have and if you’d be interested in being part of something that could potentially only last one recording any way. 


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