Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: Inside Out (feat @PlainSimpleTom)

Hi Tom, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on Inside OutAs I’m sure you are fully aware, Inside Out is regarded as one of the most pioneering animated films of the last decade, how have you managed to wait as long as you have to see it?

It just became one of those films that I added to the “to watch” list but it kind of fell by the wayside and I just kept saying “one day, I’ll get round to it”. I think it was when I saw a recentish blog post about it that I finally got round to watching it. 

When did you originally plan to watch it?

Some time after it was released on DVD; I would have rented it (which I ultimately did) or borrowed it from my sister (who loves it!)

I did give some thought to watching it in the cinema but at the time, I thought it would’ve been too weird watching it on my own.

What were your expectations of Inside Out, and would you consider them justified?

As word of mouth would suggest, I expected it to be a clever, hilarious, perfect movie that would reduce most people to tears by the end.

I didn’t find it as amazing as other people found it; it was clever and ultimately tear inducing but it wasn’t really funny and the first half was a bit underwhelming. 

Saying that, I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than my father did; he found it really disappointing, fell asleep for a few minutes and thought that there was nothing in the film for adults – which I have to disagree with!

What areas of the film particularly stood out for you?

The ending – the revelation of just how important sadness is. The notion of “it’s only in darkness that we can see the light” was cleverly done and admirably struck an emotional chord with me.

Should you have watched Inside Out sooner?

Maybe. But I’m glad that I saw it after the hype train had passed, though if I had watched it sooner, maybe I’d have enjoyed it a bit more.

Thanks for doing this Tom. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts of the past and always look forward what you will produce next. For those that do not follow Tom’s work please click on the following link

Are there any films you have recently watched that you Should’ve Watched Sooner? Please get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or the comments and don’t forget to check out all of the previous movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner

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