Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: Alien (feat David Thomas)

Hi David, how has it taken almost 40 years to watch the classic Horror Alien?

There was a lot of scary films around growing up in the 80s such as Friday the 13th, Halloween and one I remember called The Burning!! It kind of later put me off for life on anything remotely scary in films. Fast forward a few years to when I first met my wife, she tells me stop being a wimp and to try a few films. We watched The Blair Witch Project – didn’t like that, The Shining – great film, but that kid on the tricycle will never leave my head!! 

I decided to give Aliens a go as I’ve always enjoyed a bit of Sci-Fi (Syfy). Would you know it I wasn’t scared at all! I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and thought to myself one day I’ll finally watch Alien!

Would you say Alien lived up to the hype surrounding it?

Oh wow!! What a masterpiece it really is. While watching I couldn’t help notice the detail in things like the crew’s uniform, their watches and the internal area of the ship. I could’ve easily believed this was made yesterday! The first class acting kept me on my toes throughout, and even though I’d seen clips as well as Aliens, nothing prepared me the appearance of the titular creature. At one point I was calm enjoying the crew’s “last night” then suddenly it all kicked off! 

Were there any parts to the film that stood out over the rest?

Each part became more gripping, leading onto Ripley’s escape to then realise she’s not alone!! It really was a wonderful ending to a truly great piece of work. 

I must say however, when I first saw the Alien and it’s drooling teeth within a mouth coming out, it reminded me of a toy I had in the 80s – a small money box where I skulls head would lift and a skeleton jaw extended out and retrieve the money into its head. Not sure if anyone else had one too?

Will you see the remaining sequels now that you’ve finally watched the original?

Yes, and sooner rather than later

Would you say you should’ve watched Alien sooner?

I’m in two halves with this. 

Yes because I’ve missed out on seeing a true masterpiece that would’ve blown me away, like many of the great films produced from the 70s did when I was watching them as a child in the 80s. And I’ve missed out getting into a franchise worthy of its hype. 

No because they don’t often make movies like this great anymore. Sometimes I wish I could go back and watch an old classic for the first time, such as Jaws or Star Wars

Either way I’m happy I’ve seen it. Be nice to view it at the cinema. If they ever do release it again as a anniversary watch.

Thank you David for taking the time to let me know your opinion about Alien. It was fascinating to hear your reasons behind watching it as well hearing a fresh take on a film watched millions of times in the last 40 years. Are there any blogs or podcast readers should check out?

I’m a big fan of @sttepodcast (great podcast and prizes. They’re really doing things how it should be done)

@markandmeuk is on its way up. Great guest!! 


Please go find David on Twitter @diddyking1 and if there are any classic movies you plan to watch in the near future or you fancy telling me your opinion on one you’ve just seen, please get in touch via:

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Thanks guys!


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