Sunshine Blogger Award!!

Would you believe I’ve spent the last 10 minutes sitting, staring at my phone in amazement? Never did I expect to receive something like this, and now that I have… Thank You! Thank you to those that have read and liked and commented on the reviews and the nostalgia and the other bits and bobs! I know I’m not the most coherent writer, and that the review follow some sort of formula, but honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

So, now that I’m off the floor, after doing some extensive reading about the Sunshine Blogger Awards I have discovered the following rules that accompany such an honour. They are:

Here be the rules:

  1. Post the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Answer the 11 questions they set you
  4. Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!)
  5. Set them 11 questions

Plain, Simple, Tom thank you so much for the nomination! You’ve been really supportive over the past few months and I am immensely grateful for it! You love film, that’s a given, but to express as appropriately as you do takes talent I can only envy from afar. Thanks again buddy and don’t stop doing what you do!

The Questions!

1) What would be your #1 Desert Island Disc, one track that you’d most want with you on a desert island?

When I was growing up I couldn’t get enough of cheesy late 90s/early 00s Pop music. It’s a real guilty pleasure of mine. If I had to pick just one, I’d pick Better The Devil You Know by Steps, purely it reminds of my Mom every time I hear it. (Plus you can dance the routine on cold nights to entertain yourself)

Who was your first film/TV crush?

Uma Thurman in Batman and Robin! Everyone knows that film is awful, however as a 6 year old seeing a woman sexualised in such a way for the first time meant my body didn’t really stand a chance.

Which film would you want to take out to the middle of a field and smash with a baseball bat, Office Space style?

Trolls! No further comment.

On what kind of device do you write your blog posts? (Phone, computer, Kindle?)

Mosty phone

What would your spirit animal be?

Something docile like Tortoise probably. Nothing flash or fascinating, just another creature trying to figure its place in the world.

What would you do with a million dollars, pounds, euros, (whichever one applies)?

I’ve always wanted to own and run a Pub. I’d try and create a pub that captures the heart of the cinema will maintaining that same welcoming environment for those less interested

If you’re watching a foreign film, do you prefer it to be subtitled or dubbed?


Would you prefer to live under the sea or in space?

In Space – Less creatures to kill you

Who is your most read author?

Either Ian Fleming or JK Rowling 

Which film, old or new, would you most want to see (again) on the big screen?

Star Wars: A New Hope

And finally, a favourite: Which five actors/actresses would you invite to a dinner party?

  • Carrie Fischer
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Samuel L Jackson
  • Patrick Wilson
  • Sam Neil

Phew! Now, on to my nominations:

And finally, the questions.

  1. What was the first film you truly loved?
  2. Who would win in a fight: Optimus Prime or Godzilla?
  3. Too hot or too cold?
  4. Summer Blockbuster or Indie Darling?
  5. If you had to follow one sports team who would it be and why?
  6. If we were to go out for drinks, what Movie Universe would you want us to go to?
  7. Best Tarrantino Movie?
  8. If you could only watch one more film, which one would it be?
  9. What film would you want watch in the cinema for the first time (again)
  10. Favourite Disney Song
  11. What movie do you think you should’ve watched sooner?

I’m sure I’ve said it enough but thanks again to everyone who has taken time to read this little blog! You guys knock me out! (Sorry haha!)

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