Rogue One: A Star Wars Story worth waiting for.

Typically when writing about movies I try to remain as impartial as possible, sure I’ll admit there have been occasions where my frustrations have for the better of me (I’m looking at you again Alice Through The Looking Glass), however this time I feel as though I can’t truly switch on my analytical hat and breakdown the finer details as to why Rogue One either did or didn’t “win a contest”. Instead, all this post will do is voice my honest opinions on whether I enjoyed it or not, and whether the circumstances that surrounded this viewing should ever be done again.

So about 12 months ago I made a decision to veer away from any and all promotional video footage that was associated with “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. This would mean trailers online, trailers in the cinema, all footage that may compromise the overall experience of my recent viewing. This was not easy. From scrolling quickly past posts on Facebook and Twitter to actually closing my eyes and just listening to the trailer being played before viewing a different film at the cinema in a naive attemptto preserve this film’s originality in my mind. 

Fast forward to today and I can openly admit to having watched 2 trailers only once each, this meant that all I knew was who the main characters were, and how the story was generally going to play out. Little did I expect to be so completely blown away by the absolute majesty that was “Rogue One”. I’ll admit that this could have gone either way, and that my ignorance towards to the story may have hindered what was going on in front of me. Thankfully this was not the case. Instead of sitting in front of the screen expecting scenes to appear because I’d seen them in the trailer, I was instead giddy with excitement as to what we should expect next. 

Hats off must go to Gareth Edwards and the whole cast and crew that have so brilliantly produced a movie worth ranking up there with A New Hope. A movie that has managed to single-handedly overshadow all 3 of those prequels with one brave flick of the Master Switch. 

I’m not going to get buried down by the thematic victories nor the occasionally cloudy areas the plot inevitably created, instead I am going to concede that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been a movie I have longed to see for nearly 18 months now. It has been a personal adventure for me that has culminated in a movie that briefly gives me the insight as to what it would have been like to leave the cinema in 1977 after watching the absolutely perfect Original tale. 

I have loved the Star Wars franchise since the day I discovered my Mom and Dads old VHS tape when I was 4 years old. In the 22 years that have succeeded this discovery my passion and love for it has grown and grown exponentially. From ailing prequels to above average sequels, this Saga has never failed to provide that beacon of joy regardless of my current emotional condition. Sure there are people out there that love Star Wars more than me, however the mere fact that we all love and appreciate this Series is testament to the Evergreen enjoyment each film brings to the table, a table I am more than happy to introduce Rogue One to more and more as the years inevitably draw on

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