Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: A Christmas Story

Should I have watched A Christmas Story sooner?

No, I think I’ve watched this at the perfect time!

What does that mean?

Like many people, I loved Christmas as a child. It was a time of magic and joy that you looked forward to all year round. As an adult this wonderment has inevitably slipped away somewhat and turned into a time of rest and relaxation. In watching a Christmas Story I felt that warm nostalgia of Christmas’ gone by where the anticipation of gifts, the meeting with Santa and the time spent with family members (regardless of how destructive things become) is the most incredible experience of your short but eventful life so far.

Did I enjoy A Christmas Story then?

I did. I enjoyed it not just for the emotions it evoked, but for the quality in which this movie had been made. It was a beautiful script that was more than adequately performed by an array of talented people. The thing I enjoyed the most were the little moments shared between Ralphie and his parents. Those little bits of dialogue shared that really made you feel as though you were witnessing a loving (albeit difficult at times) family going through their day-to-day lives in the lead up to Christmas Day

Would I recommend A Christmas Story to those that Should’ve Watched it Sooner? 

I would. It’s a brilliant tale about not just a child’s Christmas experience, but also the difficulty parents will endure to ensure this magnificence of Christmas is not hindered in any way.

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