Christmas Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: Gremlins

Should I have watched Gremlins sooner?

Yes! But not necessarily for the right reasons 

But I enjoyed it though right?

Not as much as I’d have originally hoped for to be honest! 

But everyone loves Gremlins, what was I expecting?

  1. Inventive and imaginative effects
  2. Something that redefines my feelings towards Christmas fantasy movies
  3. A Story
  4. A clever mix between comedy and horror

And Gremlins didn’t offer this?

I’m sure 30 years ago when it was released, this was captured the imagination of millions of people across the world. However today in 2016 “Gremlins” falls painfully short in terms of comedy and adventure.

But Gremlins is one of the most beloved Alternative Christmas films ever released, surely there was something I enjoyed?

All the people that love “Gremlins” do so with a blissful ignorance in the back of their mind. Sure there will be people that appreciate the cinematography, and those that appreciate the practical effects, however the majority will love “Gremlins” because it takes them back to a time when they could sit in front of the TV at Christmas and gleefully watch those pesky Mogwai squeak and squeal their way around a fairly ineffective story.

So if I’d have watched this as a youngster I’d have probably enjoyed it more? 

Absolutely! The fact that I’m watching this as a 26 year old for the first time dangerously hinders my overall experience. This is a film made for a younger audience with subtly violent moments to appease the parents withe sore heads

Would I recommend Gremlins to those that Should’ve Watched it Sooner?

Yes. This is purely my opinion after a first viewing. I do feel as though the majority of people waxing lyrical about this movie’s strengths mainly do so because of their joyously nostalgic view on Christmas’ of days gone by. If they were to watch it today I fear many may fee the same as I do now

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