Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Should I have watched “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” sooner?

Yes! I haven’t enjoyed a film like that in quite a long time! If there were any other way to portray how stupid I feel at this moment in time I would say it! 

Why exactly do I feel so stupid?

I feel stupid because a lot of my friends have told me to watch “Scott Pilgrim” for years, and in my infinite wisdom I’ve told them I’ll do some time soon! What. An. Idiot!

So I enjoyed it then?

Absolutely! I loved all of those excellent nods to Gaming culture from Mortal Kombat to Dance Dance! Although I may not have an educated knowledge in Filmmaking, I can appreciate that this is how to do it! Edgar Wright made this Film with such precision that it’s difficult to pick holes in it! From the genius hidden numbers throughout the story to the themes and topics discussed via this wacky premise!

Would “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” win in a contest?

If this were a contest it would easily win by KO! This is because the level of Overall Enjoyment was so great within the first 15 minutes, the characters and story didn’t seem to matter! 

Would I recommend “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” to those that should’ve watched it sooner?

Stop reading this post, find it and watch it! Don’t over think it, don’t try too hard to understand the premise. Just sit back and enjoy how enjoyable your life was when you were 13 and didn’t give a s#%t!


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