Christmas Movies I Should Have Watched Sooner: Scrooged

Should I have watched Scrooged sooner?

Absolutely! What an enjoyable Christmas Comedy highlighting why Bill Murray was such a treasured commodity during the mid/late 80s

Why has it taken so long to watch such a well-loved reimagining of A Christmas Carol?

Much like the movies that have preceded it, Scrooged has somehow passed me by over the course of the last 25 Christmases. I am quite ashamed to admit that I had not even heard of this film until last Christmas when a friend of mine asked me for my opinions on it.

So what are my opinions on it then?

Scrooged is a fun, interesting interpretation of a Christmas classic that deserve much greater recognition. To say that it currently has a 38 Metascore is frankly perplexing! OK, the subplot between Frank Cross (Murray) and Claire (Karen Allen) writes itself, but the interactions between Murray and the supporting cast of Ghosts and Studio Executives is really great. I personally loved The Ghost of Christmas Present, those scenes stole the show!

Will Scrooged become a must watch Movie in years to come?

Absolutely! It’s not quite there for me in the same way as A Muppet Christmas Carol, but that’s only because I watched that movie much, much sooner!

Should those that haven’t yet watched Scrooged watch it this Christmas?

Yes! It’s not too long in length and will only add an extra dimension to your already extensive knowledge of the Christmas Carol story.

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