“Sausage Party” audaciously romps to otherwise simple victory

There have been few movie released over the past decade that have managed to instantly generate the notoriety required to make studio executives as happy as they are wealthy. On release of the first “Sausage Party” trailer; the whole world were made aware of what Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill and Evan Goldberg meant when they said it would not be a story fit to be viewed by children! From swearing potatoes to cans of spaghetti frantically trying to reinsert their contents after being damaged, it was difficult to deny that this had the potential to bring a lot of laughs for, what would hopefully be, a long amount of time.

Round 1 – Plot

Seth Rogan stars as Frank, a sausage living with his fellow products in the fictional store Shopwells. Every day these products live in the hope that soon they will be selected by the gods (human shoppers) to be taken to The Great Beyond, blissfully unaware of what actually lays beyond those motorised doors. 

Before viewing “Sausage Party” I had no consideration for the needs of my food, and the potentially horrific consequences my need to feed would bring. Much like Toy Story, this is a clever interpretation of something we as a species seldom use in moderation. Whether we are disposing of expired products or through blatant negligence towards waste disposal, this manages to quietly suggest a message without it sounding like you were ever sat in a class. 

Whether it’s Frank’s intrepid need to discover the truth, or Kristen Wiig’s Brenda charmingly trying to maintain her freshness as well as her dignity, the plot behind “Sausage Party” managed to make the most mundane of acts, such as placing a hot dog in it’s bun, into something quite proactive indeed.

ROUND 1 SCORE – 8/10

Round 2 – Characters

The cast of “Sausage Party” acts as a who’s who in American Comedy these days. With names such as Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Paul Rudd all lending their voices to these troubled characters it’s not difficult to see how inherently funny these performances were! 

To name just a few, we spend the majority of the film following a sausage, a bagel, a hot dog bun, a douche and a taco around whatever situation they find themselves in, and yet it is the performances of the voices behind the product that makes it so easy to comprehend. 

Each participant gives a solid performance in this film, giving true credibility to the possibility that food can truly be sentient, and that all they want best is to party with their friends and family for as long as physically possible.

ROUND 2 SCORE – 8/10

ROUND 3 – Overall Enjoyment 

“Sausage Party” is not the funniest film you wil ever watch, there are times that sees the story wane slightly from its direction but manages to quickly revert to the necessary path towards its overall goal. However, the final act of this film is truly something special! I can honestly say I have never been so in shock and thoroughly entertained in such a way before watching this film! 

When the jokes do come they manage to be strong and witty in their pronunciation. When the story calls for a serious moment to develop the character, we get it without making the viewer grow too distracted by what’s going on.

Overall this is a truly great film that wil cotinue to act as the perfect counterpart to pre-pubescent children just starting to discover where things go and what should and should not be said in common society.


Final Score – Sausage Party wins 24/30

Did you enjoy Sausage Party? Were there any elements you dislike about this film? Please let me know in the comments or find me on Facebook and Twitter, just search Reffing Movies and you should get me there!

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