Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: My Cousin Vinny

Should I have watched My Cousin Vinny sooner?


Why has taken so long to watch?

To be completely honest, I hadn’t heard of My Cousin Vinny until someone at work told me about. I am so glad they did however, because this is a Joe Pesci performance that even Joe Pesci can be proud of!

What did I enjoy most about My Cousin Vinny?

The comedy did not seem too slapstick or too over the top. Instead, the typical fish out of water humour worked incredibly well in this occasion, not only showing Pesci as the titular Cousin, Vinny, but giving Marisa Tomei a well deserved Oscar for best supporting Actress for her role as Mona Lisa Vito. 

How would I rate My Cousin Vinny if this were a Contest?

Round 1 Plot – 6/10

Round 2 Characters – 8/10

Round 3 Overall Enjoyment – 8/10

Overall Score – 22/30

Would I recommend My Cousin Vinny to other that Should’ve Watched it Sooner?

Yes! This is a clever movie that highlights the abilities of both Pesci and Tomei in what could otherwise be a traditional story lost amongst its competitors. I’ll agree that I was not aware of this movie before last week, however that is due to my ignorance rather than the legitimacy of My Cousin Vinny! If you are looking for a quietly entertaining movie on a cold rainy evening, you could look no further than this beauty!

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