Restock your Marmalade Sandwiches, a “Paddington” sequel is on its way

Fresh on the heels of 2014’s surprise hit, a sequel to Paul King’s Paddington has been confirmed to be released on November 10th 2017. 

It’s no surprise this has occurred considering the global fascination that surrounded this runaway box office hit starting Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Ben Whishaw as the brilliant titular character.

Accompanying this announcement is the news that the sequel will feature Hugh Grant and Brendon Gleeson as two of the main human characters tasked with interacting with our Marmalade loving Bear. In addition it was revealed as the majority of the original’s cast will return except for the villainous Nicole Kidman of number 1.

Paddington was an enjoyable adventure that ticked every box when it comes to a successful family film. So long as the warmth and humour is not abolished, this sequel promises to revisit the brilliance it’s predecessor so sharply provided.

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