Reffing Bookings: Goldberg v Brock Lesnar

In a new segment I like to call Reffing Bookings, I will attempt to take on the completely original idea of giving my opinion on how WWE should book certain storylines or matches. I must add that I am in no way qualified to even be considered to this for a living, and it is in fact something I’m doing for the entertainment of myself and others! Take that IWC!

Reffing Booking: Goldberg v Brock Lesnar

Brock comes down next week with Heyman, he doesn’t say a word for obvious reasons. Heyman Highlights all of the destruction that lies in Lesnar’s wake: Undertaker, Randy Orton, John Cena. “Every time someone has stood up to my client, they have found themselves unable to get back up”

We hear all about what he’s going to do and how he lost to him at WM blah blah, revenge blah blah, you know the usual. But then he mentions his family, and how he will do to Goldberg in front of his family what he did to all those unfortunate souls before him. He will end them. No Goldberg next week I must add. And no Goldberg for the next 3/4 weeks to be truthful

Incensed by what Heyman has said about his family Goldberg has started to up his training, Corey Graves can go to his home to see him train and stuff. He says that he wants to fight Lesnar. But Foley and Stephanie say that this is match for Raw to rise above it’s competition! They don’t want this ruined by random acts of violence. 2 weeks before SS they have the contract signing. No contact, no fights, 1 last match, 1 last time, 1 Last Man standing.

The raw before SS they are both in the ring, facing one another ready to be interviewed by Corey Graves, (not Michael Cole because the guys a moron!) The Raw roster acting as Lumberjacks just in case things become too hot to handle.

Heyman sells how Lesnar will overcome these odds, how he is the man that not only ended the streak of the Undertaker, but he is the man to end the career of Bill Goldberg. Goldberg says that he isn’t afraid of bullys, and that he will prove to the world that his last last match will prove to be his best.

The whole segment culminates in Lesnar stepping forward and laughing in Goldbergs face, Goldberg loses it but is held back by nobody’s. As Lesnar and Heyman leave the ring Goldberg goes pyscho. He starts tearing the ring apart, spearing people left right and centre. He takes Rusev and Jackhammers him like he’s a no-one. He spears Big E in to the front row its that hard. All the time, as Lesnar is laughing on the top platform, unshaken by what he’s seen.

The Match

It’s no secret that this whole segment is to sell Survivor Series to passing fans. As part of the “Big 4″, WWE needs to highlight the fact that this is bigger than the boring nonsense you watched 3 weeks ago at *insert PPV name here*.

This match should be the Main Event, without question! The whole build up to this match should be slow and progressive. Nothing too fancy, nothing too special (it’s not like we need reminding to be honest). Show them arriving, show them warming up, treat this as close to a UFC championship bout as humanly possible!

The match itself should be methodical, destructive and, during some moments, uncomfortable to watch. Lesnar hits well over 20 suplexes, but Goldberg keeps getting up, Goldberg Jackhammers Lesnar through an announce table, but he still gets up. Neither man is willing to concede this heart stopping bout. 

The climax should see Goldberg on his last legs. His age and lack of in ring action must show and eventually lead to his unfortunate defeat. Goldberg and Lesnar remain on the ground, bloodied and broken until Lesnar finds that last inch of strength to rise up at the 9. Lesnar wins, Goldberg loses! However in his final moments before he leaves the stage, Lesnar does what no-one expects: he helps Goldberg to his feet and they walk down the aisle as companions to a very warm and appreciative reception from the Toronto crowd.

Could you do better? Do I talk complete and utter garbage? Let me know in the comments or get involved in the conversation by using #ReffingBookings.


      • It seems that even 15 years after the event Levesque and McMahon can’t leave the “Monday Night Wars” in the past, and you’re absolutely right, having The nWo coming to Sting’s aid made absolutely no sense at all!
        Anyway as someone who only takes a passing interest in wrestling nowadays I really enjoyed your write-up, great stuff!

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