Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: Evil Dead (part 2)

Should I have watched Evil Dead 2 sooner?


What was difference between The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2?

It was painfully obvious that Evil Dead 2’s tone took a complete shift in direction from the original. Instead of the sometimes gruesome horror on display in the first, San Raimi decided to make a much more tongue-in-cheek comedy horror that definitely highlights Bruce Campbell’s abilities as a person a movie can build it’s story around.

Were there any of those scenes that stood out?

The mirror scene. I will admit that it was certainly something I particularly enjoyed to see. It’s tricks like that that make watching a movie an enjoyable experience in my opinion

Were there any elements that I didn’t enjoy?

For me it was a bit silly at times. And as good as Bruce Campbell was, I didn’t understand why the story changed at the beginning, and why Ash could overcome the Evil when everyone else was completely taken by it?

Would I say Evil Dead 2 would win a contest?

Yes! It’s funny, it’s inventive, it’s an interesting experience regardless of what you think of the horror/comedy genre.

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