Should we care about the upcoming Fantastic Beast sequels?

If there is one thing for certain these days, it’s that Studios want to create massive money making franchises that appeal to the widest number of fans as physically possible in an equally short amount of time. Before Christmas this year we will have already seen sequels/prequels/spinoffs for Jack Reacher, Ouija, The Da Vinci Code, Trolls, Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Assassins Creed and Bad Santa. So why have studios become so complacent in their attempt to distribute new original stories? And should we care when these inevitable sequels arrive in our Cinemas?

Harry Potter was, and to many still is, one of the biggest Movie Franchises to be released in the last 50 years. Each film generated copious amounts at the Box Office and established Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, (Rupert who?) as top-line stars. Fast forward to today, 5 years after the release of Deathly Hallows part 2, and we are on the brink of “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them”, a story everyone was asking for about one of the authors of Harry’s textbooks that he and other those meddling kids were told to read once and never mentioned again. -We are obviously looking at you Hogwarts. A History. 

So who did ask for this spinoff? And furthermore, should we really be excited for another franchise with meaningless villains and protagonists that will overcome the same insurmountable odds at the end of film 2,3 and 5? Where is the invention? And more so, how do I know this will be different from deluge of retellings we are forced to witness? 

Obviously I will follow the masses and watch as many of these follow-ons I can. And this one rant on this one page won’t make a little bit of a difference to Hollywood’s big dollar filled sights. However, surely, at some point in time we will realise what we are watching today pales in comparison to the creativity on display in years gone by, and that we as an audience should be treated with the respect we rightly or wrongly think we deserve from Executives and Directors around the Global Movie Market.

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