Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: The Evil Dead (part 1)

Should I have watched The Evil Dead (1981) sooner?


Why has it taken so long to finally watch it?

After watching so many rehashes of the same story I didn’t feel as though there was a point. If this was supposed to be the film that invigorated a genre, will offer anything different to those that follow it?

Well did it offer anything different?

Unfortunately not. It was sadly obvious that a number of films have used this iconic model to base their stories on since it’s release. With movies such as Cabin in the Woods, Cabin Fever and obviously the 2013 remake of the same name existing as testimonies to this franchise, it was going to be difficult to see the product that has been remade a number of times as anything other than recycled.

Does this mean I didn’t enjoy The Evil Dead?

On the contrary to be honest. It was a very well made movie considering it’s relatively small budget, plus I was happily surprised at how well it has aged. I was honestly expecting a product of its time that looked old. Happily I can admit I was wrong.

Would you recommend The Evil Dead to others?

Only to those that want to see the story before it became so over-used. Having not seen the movies that followed (it’s coming I promise!) I can’t use the franchise as selling point at this moment in time. All I can say is that it’s a clever movie for its time that is good enough to watch to raise a few hairs on he back of your neck

Are there any movies you Should Have Watched Sooner?

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