NYCC: Day three highlights

After two fairly eventful days at New York Comic Con it would have to be fairly stellar day of News to earn the title of Day of the Con? Judging from what was seen, it looks as though the decision is getting tougher as time goes by.

The Power Rangers Movie is finally YouTube official and Goldar is coming!!

Not long before the scheduled Q&A panel with the cast, the internet was sent into raptures as the first teaser trailer was released. A relatively basic trailer that showed nothing other than the team interacting outside of their suits. But what a 2 minutes it is! There is more than enough on display for fans both new and old to sink their analytical teeth in to.

One massive piece of information that came from the panel was that Goldar (yes the giant Goldon Monkey/Lion thing) was going to make an appearance in the upcoming movie! It wasn’t revealed how and in what context other than that we will see and hear his unique style of menace.

Sigourney Weaver will wage war against The Defenders!

Yeah you’ve read the title correct, Sigourney Weaver is appearing as the villain in the upcoming unification of Netflix’s Marvel Masterpieces. This is huge news in my opinion! An actor with the quality of Weaver’s will bring an element to the Marvel Universe otherwise missing.

There doesn’t appear to be any news on who she will be playing and when we will be able to see this juggernaut in action, however I’m sure once some of the scenes have been filmed there will be a wave of promotional footage showcasing just how amazing this is going to be!

From left to right: Charlie Cox, Mike Colter, Krysten Ritter, Finn Jones, Jeph Loeb and Sigourney Weaver

John Wick Chapter 2 trailer is released

In the follow up to 2014’s silent hit, John Wick Chapter looks set to continue where it’s predecessor left off. We’ve got guns, dogs, cityscapes and Laurence Fishburne! So not only do we have what looks like a quality John Wick sequel, but a reunion of Morpheus and Neo!! 

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