NYCC: Day Two Highlights

After an eventful opening day of New York’s annual Comic Con it seems as though this years convention is seriously upping it’s game. So without any further ado, let’s get cracking with the highlights of Day Two.

Doctor Who’s Xmas Special will have Super implications.

Since last Christmas’ somewhat lacklustre special we have unfortunately been left without anything to sink our teeth in to. Until now that is. When it was discovered that Jenna Coleman was leaving the world was left to wonder, who will be brave enough to fill those brilliantly strong shoes. The answer: Pearl Mackie, a relatively unknown British actress best known for her roles in Svengali and Doctors. 

Fast forward to today and we are seeing our first footage of this year Christmas special that seems to portray Justin Chatwin (the one from Shameless and Dragonball Evolution) as a Superman-esque character designed to give Peter Capaldi’s Doctor the adventure of his life.

Forest Whitaker joins Black Panther

The closer we get to the release date of Marvel’s Black Panther the more intriguing it becomes. With a cast already consisting of Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Daniel Kaluuya and Michael B. Jordan it seemed as though the list of quality actors couldn’t get much better. However during Marvel’s 50th anniversary celebration of Black Panther’s first edition it was revealed that Forest Whitaker will also be lending his talents to this sure to be classic comic book adaption.

Resident Evil continues to show signs of re-animated life.

What is sure to be the final edition of Paul W.S Anderson’s overlong adaptation of the much loved video game franchise, “The Final Chapter” has shown us exactly what we don’t care about anymore. Ever since the original movie was released this franchise has shown little sign of life, with uninteresting characters and shoddy story arcs it’s a wonder why people seem to be keep paying to watch this hot mess?

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