Movies I should’ve watched sooner: Blade Runner

Should I have watched Blade Runner sooner?


As a fan of 80s Sci-Fi, why has it taken so long to finally watch?

There has never been an opportunity before now to watch it. It was much like putting the bins out in a way. You know it needs to be done, you just sometimes can’t find the motivation to get up and drag it to the side of the road.

So, does that mean I enjoyed Blade Runner or did I consider it a chore?

I’ve always had a soft spot for dystopian future movies made during the 80s so this was always going to attract my interest once I start watching it. The set design is both typical and beautiful and the story is simple enough to follow. 

If this were a contest, how would Blade Runner score?

The story is sharp, the characters have real definition and the enjoyment factor remains at a steady level throughout the film. Although not a KO due to the occasional feeling of similarity to almost every other film within this genre. As well as a villain that shows the same Daddy issues as every other newly sentient being before it. 24/30

Will I watch Blade Runner again?

Probably yeah. I thoroughly enjoyed Harrison Ford’s Deckard as a protagonist. It definitely seems as though the 80s was his best decade! Ridley Scott’s direction is smart and combination of old and new technology is something I think is lacking from otherwise lesser attempts at the story.


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