Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters” wins?

There’s nothing the internet enjoys more than nonsensically undermining something it doesn’t understand. Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters” unfortunately felt the full wrath of this ignorance in its build-up. With idiotic comments about the all female cast to some otherwise outrageous statements about the parentage of the cast and crew involved in this remake. 

It was obvious that the original was not going to be matched, and let’s face it, who wants that anyway? Instead, we are to be treated to the same concept rewrapped and repackaged to fit in to today’s environment with a fresh, energetic, and most importantly, funny cast.

Before I go into detail it is worth noting that there will be little to no references to the original series. “Ghostbusters (1984)” is a completely different film from a completely different time, although this is remake, “Ghostbusters (2016)” will be judged on its own merits

Round 1 – The Plot

As you would expect from a Paul Feig’s movie these days, the opening sequences feature everyday operating as it would if nothing extraordinary were about to happen. Instead of Kristen Wiig being used by John Hamm like in Bridesmaids, we are made to believe she is a prim and proper University Lecturer hesitantly awaiting a meeting to determine the length of her tenure on campus. Don’t take too much notice of that however, because after 15 minutes everyone forgets it ever happened and move on to bigger and brighter activities.

Alongside Wiig in this battle against the paranormal (I thought they wanted study Ghosts from what they were saying but for some reason all Kate McKinnon seems to make are weapons?) stands Melissa McCarthey, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Together, through some highly coincidental and occasionally humorous moments, they find themselves confronted with what may go down as the most unnecessary antagonist of the decade first played by Neil Casey, and later by (spoilers) Chris Hemsworth.

The story didn’t make a lot of sense, the characters didn’t really seem to operate with any form of unity, and the desire to reference the original seemed to weigh heavily on what could have been a decent third act. There are some funny moments (Kate McKinnon more or less kills every scene she is in) and when the cameos do appear they are enough to bring a smile to your face, however all-in-all nothing special from what could have been a special movie.

ROUND 1 SCORE – 5/10

Round 2 – Characters

As mentioned above, the Characters of “Ghostbusters” prove no real consequence in a story that offers nothing new to the viewer. Yes they do manage to provide one or two funny moments, but nothing that makes you fall in the floor with laughter.

Wiig seemed lost as the straight character, and Leslie Jones managed to generate exactly zero humour from the loud noises she produced on screen. However, as mentioned before,McKinnon is hilarious! She truly makes this sort of comedy look easier than it actually is! McCarthy does what she does best, however Chris Hemsworth deserves massive acknowledgement for his role in this film. Somehow he manages to add improvisational comedy to his endlessly growing repertoire of skills while switching between good and (only briefly) evil.

I don’t really have much to say about the Villain as there was no sense in his motives, in his actions or in his execution. The man is evil because he just is I guess?


Round 3 – Overall Enjoyment 

After 2 perfectly average rounds, this contest seemed to be a lost cause. No-one was really going to win, and no-one was really going to lose. This contest, much like “Ghostbusters” seemed to only exist because the needs of the few seemed to drastically outweigh the needs of the many.

So was “Ghostbusters” enjoyable overall? Somewhat, but too many questions and plot holes meant that instead of sitting back and appreciating what you are watching, you are left to ponder how things could have turned out if the original cast had commit to a sequel many years beforehand?

By all means give it a go, however try as hard you can to not compare the old with the new, watch for what it is, not what it should/could have been.

ROUND 3 SCORE – 5/10


Ghostbusters is not the end of the world predicted by the masses when that first trailer appeared on the internet, and neither is it the groundbreaking modernisation of the much loved 1984 classic. Instead what we got was an average movie, with average characters operating within an average story. 

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