“Alice Through The Looking Glass” offers no competition in embarrassing defeat.

After an original movie that made a very large amount of money in 2010 but offered almost nothing in term of inventive story-telling, it’s no surprise that the inevitable studio cash grab was produced as a middle finger to all those that enjoyed the 1951 Disney cartoon. After 6 years of what I can imagine must have been tiresome, difficult and laborious times, we were treated as an audience to an even greater disappointment than it’s predecessor mentioned just!

Round 1 – The Plot

During each individual round, TheMovie  Referee will look for creativity, effort and appreciation in respect to the topic it represents. In Alice Through The Looking Glass there was none of this! 

The story begins with Alice (Mia Wasikowska) sailing her now deceased fathers ship against insurmountable odds where she uses her sudden knowledge of naval navigation to manoeuvre away from impeding disaster. From that moment on the story expected that the audience accept everything else it put in front them. From pointlessly going “Through The Looking Glass” to putting the entire of Wonderland in danger by travelling through time in order to save the Mad Hatter (Why?!), the story manages to shift from confused to delusional.

Writer Linda Woolverton will have drafted this script a number of times before passing it on to be finally printed and filmed, but for some reason it doesn’t seem that way when watching it! The dialogue is laughable, the act structure is confusing and the story progression makes absolutely no sense. Why was Alice brought to Wonderland again? Why was The Hatter dying? Why did The Red Queen have an army after she had been banished in the first film? Why? Just why James Bobin?!

ROUND 1 SCORE – 2/10

Round 2 – The characters

Almost all of the cast of the original make their return in this James Bobin directed sequel with the exception of Crispin Glover whose character seemed to have met an unfortunate demise during the 6 year period between this and the former. So why, with a cast of names that on paper would have the potential to collectively create a cinematic masterpiece, was every performance lazy, and every actor speaking as though they were only there to find their passion project due to arrive in the next 2 years.

Where was the creativity? Where was the effort and appreciation? Why did we have to watch as Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter stared at each other with the same look you give that cat on your street that’s about to defecate all over your front step. They are supposedly sisters with a clear light and dark side, now all of a sudden we have pathos as to who the real villain may be? Why!? 

My main issue came with the Hatter and Alice relationship. If it doesn’t scream Stockholm syndrome to you then nothing will? Like Harley Quinn and the Joker, Alice and the Hatter seem to complete that missing part of the circle they always needed. If one is missing or damaged, the other cannot operate. However in this relationship the Hatter is Johnny Depp phoning in another pay check, and Alice is the stupidest character I’ve seen in a long time with the most ingenious motive of destroying Underworld I’ve seen! Why is she regarded the hero when she very nearly stopped time completely just to make sure the Hatter isn’t sad? Why?!

If this contest wasn’t over by the start of this round, it sure was now!


Round 3 – Overall Enjoyment

This was a KO defeat before Round 3 began! It’s no surprise really after a senseless story filled with an even greater list of useless characters was forced upon the world in a frankly insulting 113 minute movie!

As you can tell, I did not enjoy this film. The story treated the viewer like they were in preschool, the characters had nothing to gain or lose throughout, and the direction made utterly no sense at all. 

If ever a film felt like a contractual obligation it was “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. No enjoyment had at all during this contest!


I don’t enjoy watching a movie get beaten in the way that this one did. However when it’s obvious that no-one was participating because they felt passionately about the project, it becomes difficult to feel sorry for the final result when it inevitably occurs.

A movie that shows no emotion, “Alice Through The Looking Glass” should have really taken a long hard look at itself before taking that step in to the unknown.


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