Movies I Should’ve Watched Sooner: Top Gun

Should I have watched Top Gun sooner?

Probably yeah

Did I enjoy Top Gun?

I did, but maybe not as much as I probably would have 10 years ago.

What didn’t I like about Top Gun?

I felt as though the Kelly McGillis story was only there to add an extra dimension to Tom Cruise’s Maverick. I couldn’t invest in any of the relationships between the characters of Maverick and Goose as well as the raw sexual tension Cruise and Kilmer’s Iceman left me feeling somewhat uneasy, as if I wasn’t meant to watching what I was seeing.

Did I manage to find any positive in watching Top Gun for the first time?

The tongue-in-cheek one liners, the comically poor choice of repeating Kenny Loggins at least 4 times during seperate occasions through the film and the high levels of irony in pretty much every spoken line.

So is this a positive review?

Unfortunately not, if this were a contest the scores would be:

  • Round 1: Plot – 4/10
  • Round 2: Characters – 4/10
  • Round 3 Overall Enjoyment – 4/10
  • Final Score 12/30

Will I watch it again?

Probably, but only if there was nothing else on at the time.

One comment

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