“Independence Day: Resurgence” capitulates early in heavy defeat.

In 1996 the world held its breathe as Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day machine came marching in to Cinemas. They watched in awe as landmarks as synonymous as the White House were left for nothing than dust once the formidable Alien threat showed their indomitable hand. With characters played with heart and energy by the likes of Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum Independence Day proved Summer Blockbusters could not only be fun, but worth talking about for the weeks to come.

Even Big Ben isn’t safe from Independence Day!

20 years later, long after the conversations had ceased, the long-awaited, no longer sought after sequel makes it appearance with returning heavy hitters like Pullman and Goldblum vying to show that after all this time, can writer/director Emmerich’s engine operate bigger and better without Will Smith’s charisma leading the charge.

Round 1 – Plot

When deciding what to do with Movie it’s obvious the writers decided that bigger is always better. Shoddy exposition, weak story and inexplicably poor character treatment left the plot in an irretrievable position.

While watching this film progress I found myself asking what I’d learnt from the past 2 hours of my life. In a nutshell, very little. 

An exposition-heavy first act and feeble final act showed that in defence, Independence Day 2 lacked the Resurgence it’s titled unjustifibaly promised.


Round 2 – Characters

A movie such as Independence Day desperately needs Characters the audience can get behind and root for during Mankind’s darkest hour. ID1 had that in abundance with Will Smith and Randy Quaid bringing gravitas to the destruction occurring around them. This did not happen.

With a cast of new and returning stars such as Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth and Jesse T. Usher, Resurgence suffers from the inability to draw the audience in to anything happening from minute 1. 

Goldblum’s doddering David and Pullman’s washy Whitmore lack the humanity showed in the former movie while Hemsworth and Usher’s chemistry was laughable to say the least. There were a number of scenes intended to draw emotion from the viewer that felt either forced or farcical.


Round 3 – Overall Enjoyment

By this point the only avenue to victory would have been a resounding knock-out in terms of enjoyability. It didn’t happen. 

With all the destruction, flimsy motives and even worse Characters, it was difficult to appreciate anything. The CGI seemed low cost, the levels of destruction, although enough to raise your blood pressure slightly, failed to interest me after 5 minutes of hastily edited sequences and comically bad one-liners. 

They like to go for the Landmarks

ROUND 3 SCORE 10-8 to MR

In conclusion, Independence Day: Resurgence weakly attempted to replicate the depth and destruction on display in its far superior first instalment. With inadequate characters, weak CGI and an even weaker story, Resurgence lost this bout in particularly resounding fashion.


Independence Day: Resurgence loses 30-22

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