A Game of 3 Acts.

Reffing Movies (or Refereeing Movies to those who don’t understand) is long overdue. In the words of Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker:

“Madness, as you know, is like gravity, all it takes is a little push!”

It is my job as referee to stop this madness from overcoming movies and bring order back to an otherwise lawless environment.

There is every chance that my final decision will be met with disapproval. However my decision will be final, any dissent or disrespect will not be tolerated! 

That being said, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I look to forward to hearing from friends both old and new over the coming days/weeks/months/years, there may be some highs, there will definitely be lows, but overall, there’s going to be a right good time had by all those involved.

So regardless of your sporting creed, let’s watch those plot holes, keep the jump scares to a minimum and let’s give everyone a good show!!


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