November Movie Preview

DISCLAIMER: New scoring methods will be used through the course of this preview


Release Date: 04/11

11 years since Samara and her cursed VHS tape made their last appearance on our screens, The Ring makes its highly-anticipated return with “Rings”. 

OK, I’m being slightly ironic I’ll admit but personally I always enjoyed The Ring movies, they were released at a time where I was just finding my feet with horror movies and although number 2 is nothing in comparison to its predecessor (I haven’t seen the original Japanese to comment that far), there were enough jump scares and tense moments to pass the time by through the gaps in your fingers.

That being said, this sequel looks pointless! Yet another cash grab Horror film to shout really loudly but actually scare no one other than adolescent teens hoping it will give them the opportunity to put their arms around that one girl they’ve always liked (And yes I was once that person!)



Release Date 11/11

Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner’s intimate thriller about the language barrier between newly arrived aliens and the archaic Human Race looks as exciting as it does ingenious. 

With Adams, Arrival is guaranteed a solid, grounded performance that will bring both hard hitting delivery in conjunction with the welcome vulnerability she inherently portrays. With Renner it could go either way. I’m yet to be blown away with his performances, in Avengers 1&2 he was ok, Hansel and Gretel was woeful and I haven’t even bothered to watch The Bourne Legacy. Will this be his opportunity to prove his worth as a top line star? The jury is still out.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Release Date: 18/11

Another addition in the sequels, (or in this case spin-off/prequel) to a well received franchise than initially seems to serve no purpose but appease the appetites of bloodthirsty fans around the world. Does it look interesting? Sure. Will it make a whole lot of money? Absolutely. Will I remember it this time next year? Only because Warner Bros marketing department will be selling the inevitable sequel that far in advance.

Eddie Redmayne has found his niche as the bumbling English fish out of water. These roles suit him so well it’ll be a wonder why his eventual decision to step away from them ever happens. All in all though I think it’ll be solid enough to warrant a second viewing at least as long as the Harry Potter reference are kept to a mere nod in the Movie’s soundtrack


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