From Bloated Beginnings to Explosive Endings. Suicide Squad’s Stars prove the difference in otherwise disjointed movie. *Non-Spoilers*

How do you solve a problem like a DC comics movie? That was the question pitched to David Ayer when he was approached to write and direct the recently released Suicide Squad. His answer: 


Although that probably wasn’t what happened in the offices of Warner Brothers, what appears did happen is that the “worst of the worst” entered in to this contest as serious underdogs. With a current score on Rotten Tomatoes of just 26% all signs pointed in the obvious direction of another L on the form guide. 

Round 1 – Plot

In a story that forces the audience to root for 6 or 7 of DC comics most notorious villains, writer and director David Ayer manages to bombard the viewers with everything that would want to know within the first 15 minutes. From shoddy exposition to confusing flashbacks, the opening segment felt more like a year 11 PowerPoint than an introduction to a movie.

However, once that was over the remainder of the plot seemed to go by without too many issues. From the development of the Squad to the stakes involved in the climatic stand-off, Ayer’s story managed to tentatively tread a fine path between satisfying the needs of the audience and the those of the studio.

Some of the heavy blows did remind me a bit too much of Guardians and Deadpool, and the main antagonist could have been anyone doing anything with a frown on their face. However in terms of a solid foundation for the Characters to grow, this could have ended much much worse

Round 1 score 10-9 to SS

Round 2 – Characters

After narrowly avoiding defeat in the previous round, Suicide Squad had to make sure in Round 2 that the characters were the real reason audiences would leave with smiles on their faces on theories of sequels in their minds. Barring a couple of non-entities (Slipknot!?), the people within this film make it the cinematic event it is. 

Will Smith, Viola Davis and Jareto Leto present their intentions effortlessly with a decent degree of sympathy for each character’s plight from the offset. However special mention must go to Margot Robbie. Her performance had a lot weighing on it, the expectations of the DC loyal being some the highest seen since Transformers revealed the Dinobots in Age of Extinction. This clearly didn’t affect her as she gave the standout performance of the showing. From her first scene to her last, whenever she appears on the screen your eyes are naturally drawn towards her with that sadistic grin and joyful look in her eyes.

From beginning to end, the characters of Suicide Squad give credibility to a sometimes misguided story with real joy being shown in the performances of each individual.

Round 2 score 10-7 to SS

Round 3 – Overall Enjoyment 

DC movies intrinsically don’t know how to be light-hearted. With characters such as Batman in its arsenal, the franchise has stuttered in its attempt to move away from the same mire it typically produces.

Suicide Squad tries so to break that mould. With its colourful language and exploding heads, this movie instead manages to give the audience a sense of what would happen if the government did decide to use that cavalcade of misfits dotted around prisons in the USA. This results in a relatively enjoyable adventure. The 2 hour run time and witty one-liners make Suicide Squad a great movie to pick out with a 4-pack of Cider and a Pizza on your lap. 

Round 3 score 10-8 to SS 

FINAL SCORE Suicide Squad wins 30-24.

So what did you think about Suicide Squad? Am I being fair? Did I miss something so obvious it makes this decision redundant? Please comment your opinions either here or at @ReffingMovies 

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