Preview: Suicide Squad

David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” line-up on Sunday afternoon to face 3 rounds of potentially gruelling competition to determine whether Margot Robbie and her gang of misfit criminals have what it takes to redirect the DCEU’s recent misfortunes.

Director David Ayer has recruited a number of big money names in his attempt to secure a solid victory for Suicide Squad with heavy hitters such as Oscar nominees Will Smith, Viola Davis and Oscar Winner Jared Leto lending his talents to the enigmatic Joker figure everyone is clamouring to catch a glimpse of since the day his appearance was confirmed Warner Bros

Much like the heavy spending teams of the Barclays Premier League, questions have been raised about the Suicide Squad’s ability to work together as a cohesive unit and collectively guide themselves to critical success so desperately desired these days.

So will Suicide Squad win clean on Sunday? Or will their criminal natures influence a more dirty approach to reaching their goals?

Please comment your opinions on Suicide Squad either here on my Twitter @ReffingMovies. I look forward to hearing your views

Report will be available Sunday night 10pm GMT.

I expect a clean fight so return to your corner and at the bell, come out fighting!

The Movie Referee

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