The Invitation wins after dramatic final quarter!

The Invitation won’t be one of those films you and your friends will be arguing about watching on Saturday night, and neither should it be! Instead, this movie highlights the proper need for character development and suspense without the use of needless jump scares.

A film for the purist, The Invitation spends the first 70 minutes doggedly sticking to its game plan. Director Karyn Kusama clearly spent weeks working with this group to create what to many is considered a real change to the horror climate we currently find ourselves in. 

Within these moments, blows are traded between the characters on both sides, with special mention to John Carroll Lunch for effectively creating some much needed unease in an otherwise lacklustre period during the heart of the movie. However as an audience member of the aforementioned horror climate, I eagerly awaited the inevitable knock out strike. That moment that justified Logan Marshall-Greens constant offence against Michiel Huisman’s resilient defence. 

Thankfully that moment came, and The Invitation began to layout it’s competition with the precision and guile it so eagerly promised. The payoff, although satisfying, leaves you asking more about what happened in the previous portion of the film than actually appreciating the story you have just witnessed.

Overall, The Invitation did come out on top, with its clever misdirection and intimate relationship between its cast members, however I’m sure the audience will be unable to talk about that ending without first talking about the early rounds that preceded it. 

A movie for the purist and definitely not one to watch to get adrenaline pumping. However definitely worth looking into in order to cleanse the pallet of all those mediocre Horror films of late.

The Invitation wins this fight on a points decision 30-27

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